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Welcome to the Deadlands

This is a game of Geists and Sin-Eaters, starring

Sean as Tess

Tyler as

Matt as Toumi

Nat as

And Tim as the Storyteller.

The Rules:

This game, Deadlands, will be played with White Wolf’s World of Darkness core book, and Geist the Sin Eaters, although any other supplements are allowed with prior Storyteller permission. In addition, there are a number of custom house rules, which can be found here. In general, play nice but have fun.

The Setting:

Deadlands takes place in an alternate timeline thirty years from now, where the United States government crumbled away, leaving its people foodless, helpless and hopeless. Over time, only the best of humanity (or the worst, depending on how you look at it) endured and survived, creating a Third-World land of strife and war.

More specifically, this chronicle takes place at Seton Fields, an oddly fertile patch of land near the remnants of San Diego. Other places include San Diego Bridge.

Main Page

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