Welcome to a land where the living struggle to survive, and the dead refuse to sleep soundly.

Thirty years ago, agriculture across North America faltered as crops failed to germinate. Famine struck, followed by a devastating collapse of the economy and infrastructure, as the rich and the powerful which culminated in a series of bloody food riots in cities across the country. The worst took place on the East Coast, in large cities including New York and Baltimore, but stretched across the country, from Miami to Denver to Las Vegas. Two years later, what was once the most powerful country in the world was declared a failed state.

This is half of your world, half of your life. For one reason or another, the Reaper reached out for you before your time. Maybe you starved to death with your family and friends in the desert, waiting for something that never came. or perhaps you had all the food you needed, only for someone to take it by force, leaving your bleeding body behind.

But that was not the end of your story, for when you crossed over, you were not greeted by the open arms of deceased loved ones, but instead given a choice by a being so alien as to defy description. A Faustian Bargain of sorts; continued life and incredible power, and the reasonable price of a simple duty.

Through your death and rebirth, you became irrevocably connected to the realm of the dead, and the lonely souls trapped on the other side, begging, pleading, demanding that you show mercy, and resolve their troubles and unfinished business; the anchors that hold each ghost to the living world. This is your duty; with every waking moment, every breath you draw, you must decide who to help, what they need to pass on, and which of them is worthy of your compassion.

In your travels, you’ve found or stumbled upon the farming community of Seton Fields only to meet other people who, like yourself, were given another lease on life. Now you have a second chance, and its up to you to decide how to use it.


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