Learning Keys involves exposing yourself to whatever element or aspect the keys represent. You must do so for 11-Psyche dots hours, though this need not be in a row. Once done, you can buy that key anytime. However, you must buy it before you can begin counting hours toward another key. Attempting to pick up the second Key of your Threshold never takes more than 1 hour. The Sin-Eater can meditate, but otherwise cannot be engaged in any other significantly attention demanding activity. They can eat or write or surf the web, but not do research (except about things relating to the key thematically) have in depth conversations (same) while getting in tune with the key. Each also has a “visceral” requirement that must be done at some point over the course of the time the character is getting in tune with the Key.

Cold Wind Key: Going around in snow, somewhere windy, or somewhere high. The top of the Trinity Church will do, as will the roof of the Dark Haven Bluffs Manor or just sitting and looking out over the bluffs from the top. Standing in a nor’easter or hurricane certainly qualifies.

In order to obtain this Key, the character must put themselves in a situation, alone or with help, where they cannot breathe for longer then they can hold their breath. This can’t be under water, but can be being chocked, hanged (under controlled conditions) etc.

Grave-Dirt Key: Hanging around in a cemetery, a cave, a cellar, or underground.

In order to obtain this Key the character must remain buried alive for more then 10 minutes per dot of their Composure, or one minute per dot if not in a box of any kind (which can prompt a Resolve + Composure roll not to panic)

Industrial Key: Spending time around stuff. Almost any time spent in buildings, cars, or gazing at structures. Driving the car is not too much distraction, but engaging in a race or chase is. Housework in a building is fine too.

In order to obtain this Key the character must disassemble or reassemble something wholly man made.

Passion Key: Spending time with people (Sin-eaters count) will do the requirements for this key. You don’t have to interact with them, but if you are not they have to be interacting with each other; sitting in a silent room won’t do it however many people. Sex or playing sports also counts.

In order to obtain this Key the character must engage in passionate intercourse with another, be it an argument, confession of love, sex, or competitive sport (passionate, not a quiet game of chess).

Phantasm Key: To get this Key, you must spend time in strange places. Haunts count, thus Dark Haven Bluffs qualifies, but so does the Yale Sanitarium. Anyplace associated with ghosts, madness or illusion, such as a carnival, magic show, or circus counts too.

In order to obtain this Key, the character must experience illusion via a hallucinogenic drug trip, vision quest, or even sleep deprivation. Alternately, they can have a ghost successfully use a mind affecting Numina on them.

Primeval Key: Spending time outside in an area with relatively few man-made buildings is required for this Key. Most any park will count, and the area around Long Wharf is good for an evening stroll or two.

In order to obtain this Key, the character must stand fully naked, where no man-made buildings or objects are visible, for more time then 10 min per dot of composure.

Pyre-Flame Key: Spending time near a large fire, such as in the grand fireplace, or being outside in a thunderstorm.

In Order to obtain this Key, the character must burn themselves for at least 1 lethal level of damage or be struck by lighting.

Stigmata Key: For this Key, spending time in places associated with blood or ghosts qualifies. Most Haunts qualify for this, including Dark Haven Bluffs, but so do murder scenes or anywhere with a very recently killed body still present, even an animal.

In order to obtain this Key, the character must taste a quantity of blood from another person. Generally one health level’s worth. The person need not be alive.

The Stillness Key: Spending time where the dead are is good for this. Cemeteries work, as does the morgue. Hanging around zombies works if they are not trying to eat your brain.

In order to obtain this Key, the character must have full body contact with a corpse. They can do so clothed of course, and the corpse need not be human.

Tear-Stained Key: Spending time in water, in the rain, or at the beach.

In order to obtain this Key, the character must submerge themselves longer then they can hold their breath.

Stygian Key: This is a special case. As described in Book of the Dead, this requires a journey to the Great Below, then drinking from three Underworld rivers, and being taught by Kerberoi or Chthonian or similar, then making a sacrifice robbing them of an Attribute dot till the end of the next story. This will take more then 11 hours.


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