The House Rules

Dramatic Combat

Dramatic combat will be mostly used, but an attacker’s strength stat does not increase the Power of the attack. The Rage will use the rules for a mage’s direct attack spells. The Shroud will use the rules for ‘tough’ mage armor.


Players and important NPCs can gain bonus dice for describing performed certain actions, mostly attacks, with flair. 1 extra die will be granted for a description of the action. For 2 dice, the description must incorporate the character’s surroundings somehow. For 3 dice, everyone at the table must agree that the action in question was undeniably epic and worthy of 3 dice. (see Exalted p.123 for more info)

Fighting Styles:

Fighting style merits are restricted (read: almost entirely forbidden) for this game.

Other Merits:

Merit dots at character creation will be divvied up between mental, physical, and social stats like skills and attributes, with 4 dots for one, three for another, and two for the last. To raise one’s Psyche at character creation, you lose a dot in each category (ie, you’d have 3/2/1). In addition, each character will get two dots to spend on Ceremonies and Mementos. Most merits will cost their dot rank x 2 in xp points for each rank. Memento merits will cost the standard amount of experience to acquire.

Edge Rolls:

When a roll has more ones than successes, an Edge Die is rolled. On a result of 2-9, the edge die has no effect. On a ten, an extra success is earned (but no re-roll). On a one, the roll automatically becomes a dramatic failure, regardless of successes already earned.

Contested Grappling:

Instead of grapples being rolled like usual attacks, they will be rolled as contested actions.

Supernatural Growth and Experience:

New manifestations can be learned by meditating with your geist, while ceremonies need a sin eater teacher, but keys need to be attuned to.

The House Rules

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